I don’t think the problem is that there aren’t talented, intellectually stimulating, interesting, and challenging individuals out there. I don’t think there is a shortage of people who are amazing and inspiring.  I think the real problem lies in that many people are afraid to be who they are truly meant to be. Fear prevents people from being different. Fear prevents people from digging into their own subconscious and getting their hands dirty. 

Fear of condemnation, fear of being different, fear of being vulnerable. 
Fear forces us to forget our dreams and pursue careers that have stability and security but lack creativity and inspiration.  
Fear forces us to settle down into relationships that are boring or even bad for us when we could stay single and content to wait for someone who REALLY knocks our socks off. 
Fear even keeps us from allowing ourselves to love someone that’s good for us because we’re afraid WE’ll mess it up!
Fear keeps us from telling people we don’t agree with what they’re doing and instead we laugh it off, pretend to agree, or just stay quiet and do nothing, hiding who we are and even blocking us from potentially inspiring someone else to do the right thing.
How much more amazing would daily interactions be if everyone left fear behind and boldly showed the world who they are on the inside. 

One thought on “Fear

  1. You’re so right. Fear is a small word but it interferes with a lot of things that go on in our lives.Some choose to conquer it and some choose to just continue to live in fear and ignore the outcome and consequences.

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