The Voice Audition, Philly 2014

What’s up, reader?!

How are ya? Good? Good!

So I tried out for The Voice on Saturday.  Wanna know how it went? Okay, I’ll tell ya!

All joking aside, I’m not really sure how to start this blog so I figured I’d make it all customer service-y. On Saturday 1/11/14 my friend Sarah and I went to the Philadelphia Convention Center to try out for The Voice.  Now, if you’ve been paying any attention to my other social networking pages this isn’t news and you might be tired of hearing about it, but I’m still getting a lot of questions so I figured a recap is in order!

My family and friends had been bugging me to try out for The Voice for a long time now so I figured eh. Why not?! The worst that could happen is I don’t make it on and I waste a few hours of my life, and the best that could happen is I get famous and win a record contract! So definitely worth a shot. I signed up online and started looking for a song choice.  Now.. I’ve tried out for American Idol twice and never made it past the first round (except for the American Idol Experience in Hollywood Studios, FL. I made it to the finals for that!) and I wondered if it was because of my song choice.  I was also really curious about how they pick their contestants and how much like Idol their audition process was. I figured it can’t be too much different since it’s an open casting call.

I have to admit, I had never even watched The Voice before. I knew the general idea behind it and I knew who the judges were and I’m a huge fan of both Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine, but I don’t know that much about the other judges.  So I spent a lot of time on their website, reading their rules, what to expect, and any little bit of helpful information that I could find. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that they do have a twitter page that’s specifically for hopefuls to give them tips for their audition and I learned that they prefer you to sing something contemporary and to try and make it your own instead of sounding exactly like the artist that recorded it.  I wanted to do something different, something other women probably won’t be singing, so I just kinda listened to the songs that I liked on the radio and then when Demons came on by Imagine Dragons I realized I found my song!

I don’t sing as low as the lead singer of Imagine Dragons, so I HAD to change the way the song sounded, which kind of forced me to really make the song my own.  When I figured out a way to sing it, I recorded it on YouTube and sent it out to all of you for opinions, suggestions, and any constructive criticisms and I got a lot!  At first, I’ll admit, it was hard to read some of it, because as much as an artist likes to hone their craft… nobody likes to hear that they’re less than perfect.  Thankfully I’m lucky enough to have some talented and helpful creative friends who gave me great feedback that I can use not only for the audition but for all of my singing!

Here’s the final video (before the audition!)

Okay, back to the audition.
If you don’t know my friend Sarah, I have to introduce you. She’s gorgeous, she’s talented, and she’s super fun and an awesome mom. Check her out!

We were scheduled for the 2pm group of auditions. When you register on The Voice website for the open calls, they send you an Artist Audition Pass for one of two groups on one of the audition days. The 7am group and the 2pm group. We arrived around 1:30… and we may or may not have gotten lost on the way.. which is sort of ridiculous since we’re both locals, but in our defense, we were just following the GPS (which took us to the other side of town..). So we really arrived around 1:45 after parking the car and such.

People were still lined up around the block, but it wasn’t too bad. We met a young singer from Boston named Savannah and we talked about music in our hometowns and whether or not it was JUST tea in my thermos until they let us inside. Once inside, they separated us into several long lines to get ready for bag check! So it was another bit of standing around and waiting. Everyone was chatting and getting to know the other contestants and I told Sarah that I was going to try and be more social this time because I’m really actually very shy. We met another woman who is a school teacher in Harrisburg and she was trying it out, too, and we discussed whether or not either of us will feel like going out after the auditions or not.

When I tried out for Idol, they told you to show up at 5am, even if the doors don’t open until 9am, because they want crowd shots. They have hype men and people walking around with cameras trying to get people to do silly things or asking people to sing and talk about themselves. It’s a fun experience, but it’s definitely a show start to finish.  The Voice was a little different. There were no hype men, no cameras…. actually NO CAMERAS. NO CAMERAS ALLOOWEED past the bag check.  So we took a few before we got that far.

Sarah FaceTiming her daughter in line.

After bag check they move you along to another line where they take your registration papers and send you to the next holding area. It was kind of nice, actually. Yes, you wait a long time, but it wasn’t unbearable, especially when you have friends to chat with.  After handing in our registration we were seated with about fifty or so people in one section and the crew members encouraged us to get up one by one and sing our audition songs. It helped warm our voices up and helped some of us get our jitters out.  Sarah wasn’t sure at first which song to sing, but she settled on Bruno Mars – Locked out of Heaven and she sang it pretty well in her My Little Pony dress.  I got up and sang my song, too and accidentally started too high, even though I was checking my pitch every 2 seconds making myself even more nervous. I recovered well, thanks to all those hours of practice!

After that, we moved to a smaller room and did more of the same. Took a seat and everyone got up to sing their song one by one. We met another young up and comer, Willow Amoros, from New York who was super nervous but sounded amazing! I really hope he posts music online and puts himself out there some more! Then as the amount of people in the room began to dwindle, Sarah and I said a quick prayer.

Finally they led us out ten by ten and took us to the audition rooms. Where we waited in line a lil’ more. See… if I was doing this alone I probably would have been taking all this waiting time and going insane and nervous out of my mind, but I had a friend with me and I was talking to the other contestants. During the Idol auditions, people were singing everywhere. It was really loud and you basically have the run of the stadium which means I got up a lot and walked around, singing my audition song for practice while everyone else was doing the same. It was actually sort of inspiring.  But for The Voice.. Everyone was quiiieeet…  We met a psychologist who shared some relaxation techniques and we joined Willow in another prayer before they finally let us in.  I think I left my thermos on the chair outside the audition room 😦

So. One producer (or scout?) was seated at a desk in the middle of the room with our registration papers and a laptop. Five seats on either side of the room and one green line. The woman was very kind and seemed genuine enough with her introduction and well wishing, and then one by one each of us got up and sang our audition pieces. I would say 8-10 of the people nailed it. Myself and Sarah included. I remember being not so impressed with one or two of the other songs, but I can’t remember who or why, so it must not have been that bad. I hit every note I wanted to, started in the right key, felt great while I was singing, made eye contact occasionally (too much makes me feel creepy) and felt like I had a good presence… overall I was happy with my audition and almost certain that I made a good impression and that I’d hear those magical words…..
And then she very kindly advised us that none of us made it to the next round. She didn’t give any feedback or tips or any sort of reason why, they simply say “You all did very well, unfortunately I’m not going to pass anyone on to the next round. Thank you so much.” In so many words.

Earlier in the morning, Sarah had said, “God please let this be a painless day”. I’d have to say that it was pretty painless.

“And I didn’t even have to use my A-K. “





2 thoughts on “The Voice Audition, Philly 2014

  1. My friend Ashley Thomas auditioned the same day, she was told she made it to go to the audition on wed which is today. She showed up sang her song and now is on her way to LA…

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