Hometown Heroes – Homey Awards!

Hey everyone!
I’ve been nominated for a Homey Award!

If you’d like to help me out, please send your vote to homey@wstw.com and say you’re voting for Evangelina’s song “Green Eyes” for Song of the Year!

You could also throw in your vote for me for female solo artist of the year if you’d like.. 😉

Thanks for all your support! Here’s the info for the contest..




First round voting is now open for the 7th Annual Homey Awards to celebrate achievements in local music in 2012.  To pick the nominees in the major categories, I need your help – you, the local music fans in the Delaware Valley.


The list of eligible songs, albums & EPs is below.

Please e-mail me at Homey@wstw.com with your picks in any/all of the major categories:


    * Album of the year

    * EP of the year

    * Song of the year

    * Band

    * Male solo artist

    * Female solo artist

    * New artist

    * Lead singer

    * Producer

    * Guitarist

    * Bass player

    * Drummer

    * Keyboardist

    * Live act

    * Rock song

    * R&B/hip hop song

    * Alternative song

    * Folk/Americana artist

    * Best collaboration

    * Music video

    * Best music venue

    * Best concert/event of the year


You can vote for up to five nominees in any/all categories (of course you don’t have to vote for the categories you’re not familiar with). Also, feel free to suggest other categories, because every year has its unique accomplishments.


After the top nominees are decided in each category, the final votes will go to the Homey Voting Panel, which is comprised of past Homey Award winners, members of the media and others within the local music scene.


Note: “Artist of the Year” will be decided by the Homey Panel, with that decision being based on a particular band/artist’s overall achievements and contributions to the local music community in 2012.


E-mail your nominations to homey@wstw.com by Saturday 2/2/13. One entry per person, please.

And make sure to specify the category or categories for which you’re voting for a particular artist, song, album, etc.


The final nominees will be announced on Hometown Heroes on Sunday, February 3, 2013.

The winners will be announced on the Homey awards show on Sunday, February 17, 2013

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