Alright, alright. I don’t exactly know how to “unveil” this information…

So I’ll just come right out and say it.

I am going to be performing “The Dirty Glass” with Dropkick Murphys at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia on Saturday, March 9, 2013.

Yes. You read that right. In fact, go ahead and read it again. I’ll wait!





Singing with THEESE GUYS!?


So right now your reaction is one of two:



“….Who are the Dropkick Murphys?”

Well, first I will address the initial response….



Now I will respond to the second reaction:

The Dropkick Murphys are an Irish Punk band from Boston who is much much much loved by myself and many many others. They’re quite famous in the punk world and you can even hear some of their music on main stream air waves. Most recently their new Christmas song: “The Season’s Upon Us” was dubbed the best new Christmas song and I believe their most popular song is “Shipping up to Boston” which you can hear on the movie The Departed.  Often around St. Patty’s Day you’ll hear their version of “Finnegan’s Wake” among many many other songs.

More importantly, Dropkick is one of my all time favorite bands.  My friends and I have been listening to them since their first album “Do or Die” and many of their songs are like anthems to us. I know their music has helped me get through many a hard time and we’ve got many fond memories of going to their shows.

Every year my sister and I and a few friends go and see them live in Boston, or if we can’t make it up there, we catch them in Philly, and we’ve been lucky enough to meet the band on several occasions… not because of any special circumstances.. but just because they are just that cool. You can usually catch a band member or two hanging around the venue before or after the show, or if you’re in Boston, you can usually run into Ken Casey during St. Patty’s week at McGreevy’s Pub (which he co-owns) or go to a meet and greet with the band there for free.

In 2010 we went up to Boston for St. Patty’s week and ran into Mr. Casey at McGreevys.. The song “The Dirty Glass” came on the radio and I had it in my head to ask him if we could do a little sing along.  I could tell right away that he wasn’t expecting much.. I’m sure many a drunk gal has asked or forced their way into doing the same.. but after a few words he perked up and we finished the tune together right at the table and he says, “What’s your name?”

“Evangelina,” I told him.

“Well you can really sing! If we ever lose Stephanie you’re in!” and he told me to keep singing.  Well, I did. 🙂

I met him a few times afterwards and he always commented on my voice, which of course made me super happy, so last year when we were in Boston I asked him… “How does someone like me get to perform on stage with you guys?”

He told me to contact their tour manager and we’ll set it up for the next time they were in Philly.

So I did just that.. and I was told to contact them again once the Philly show was booked.

I was thinking that it would probably be sometime in the summer, since they usually hit Philly around June or July..

Well, June/July came and went and I saw no Philly shows booked.. I was starting to worry, honestly.  Finally in November I get an email: Dropkick Murphys tickets for March were going on sale soon!

My reaction was to have a mini-heart attack and freak out about “OMG what if this doesn’t happen?! What if it DOES happen?!”

So I emailed the manager again…


….more crickets…

I’m thinking this is a no go..

I tried again… just to see if maybe it went to spam?

I get a response saying the contact I had before was no longer with the company, but they forwarded my message along.  PHEW.. okay..

…….more crickets….

Early Dec., I get an email basically asking me to refresh their memory because they need to check with Ken Casey.

Not a great sign, right? So I’m definitely thinking “Aw man.. he forgot, this is so not gonna happen.” But I keep praying and keep my fingers crossed anyway.

Christmas comes and goes… New Years… no answer.. I’m praying now that I don’t feel disappointed about missing this opportunity with my favorite band.

Then this morning I get an email.. This is what it said.

“Happy New Year to you! So sorry for the delay. We haven’t really been doing stuff like this lately but you sure can sing your ass off and of course Ken remembers you so we’d love for you to perform Dirty Glass with us at one of the shows in Philly.”


hehe… I got the email while I was at work so I was trying desperately not to scream..

SO.. That’s it. That’s the big announcement.. and I’m going to stop typing because I was supposed to release this information 11 minutes ago.

For those of you that don’t know , this is the song I’ll be singing with them on stage at the Electric Factory!


Boston2010BoopCam 026Photo: Me and Ken Casey after singing Dirty Glass at McGreevy’s in 2010.


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