If you’re like me, you don’t like to waste things. Maybe it’s that never ending feeling of guilt that your Great Depression survivor relatives have instilled in you since you were a kid. Maybe it’s just that you know what it’s like to go without. Whatever the reason, we hold on to things. I hold on to things until they are absolutely useless and then sometimes still a little while longer. Like my shoes. They sit have holes in them… Yet! Or my jeans… They have holes in them.. You know, stylish kind. But not the pre-torn bull, I earn all of the rips in my jeans!

So my phone was stolen last week. It was a very upsetting situation. Since I don’t have Internet or a landline at home, I pretty much do all of my correspondence via cell phone. So… Things were pretty silent for a few days, which was actually kinda nice.

I was upset, though. That cell had so many pictures, so many videos, and so many half written songs (and some finished ones!) that are now gone forever…

And yes, I usually back my files up on a computer, but I had been slacking on that for about a month 😦

Anyway, I was able to contact AT&T and they bumped up my upgrade date so that I can just upgrade to a new phone! Silver lining spotted! So now I have a fancy shmancy iPhone and I plan on doing fancy shmancy things with it 😀 and if my ol Blackberry hadn’t been stolen I wouldn’t have upgraded. At least not for a few months! 🙂

Yay for new things.

Speaking of new things, I’ve made a video for this new song, I’m in a new band, and I’m thinking of starting a new food blog!


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