They are the people that will do things for you that no one else will. They’re the ones that love you, have loved you, and will love you no matter what. They look at you and see the child in your eyes. They see the best of you and the worst of you.

Not everyone has the kind of family that they can smile about… I’m really lucky to have mine. We’ve been through hell and back but there has never been a lack of love or acceptance, mostly because of my mom. That woman has enough love to mend the world. Really, maybe she’s storing it all up and that’s why everyone else is screwed! Share, Ma! Share! Lol Joking aside..

I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself for a moment because I have all these things that I wish I could do with Ethan that would be so much nicer if I had a husband.. You know, so we can do things “as a family”. Then I realized all of those things? I can do them with MY family. Those same people that I spent my time with as a child. We grew up fatherless, but we still had good times! We still went on vacations (thanks mom!), camping trips, went to movies, baked cookies and ate half the dough, licked the brownie batter bowl clean, and went to the park and the apple orchards..

Every time life has thrown some crazy loop in my way, my family has always been there to see me through it. Thank God for that.

So treasure your family. If you don’t have that close relationship? Maybe it’s time to work on that.. Maybe it’s not? But it’s worth a thought.

One thought on “Family

  1. Yes, Vita–yes. I agree with this, absolutely. Look at what you have, rather than what you don’t have (yet). I was in a similar place last Christmas. Struggling hard to NOT feel sorry for my single self on Christmas Eve. I was spending the evening with my parents and the dogs when I suddenly realized a similar epiphany: how blessed I am to have them. How one never knows how many holidays one gets with their parents. And I dug into the moment and had a fantastic time. I stopped thinking about the husband who’s gone and focused on the amazing parents who are here and suddenly Christmas was Christmas again.

    Love you, friend! You’re an amazing person and an amazing mama!

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