Things to Do

Someone told me that Irish people don’t really like the phrase the “luck of the Irish” because it implies that they don’t work hard. I don’t know if that’s true (that person wasn’t Irish and I’ve never asked any of my Irish friends), but I can totally understand it. Luck? Luck? I used to believe in it. Now I think luck really has nothing to do with anything. I mean, sometimes I’ll say “you’re lucky” or “I feel lucky” or “Do ya feel lucky, punk? Do ya?” ….Okay I really don’t say that last one, but I probably should start because it’s so very serious.

Anyway the point is sometimes I’ll use the word “luck” for emphasis, but it’s just a fluff word really. Could you believe at one point in time I actually owned a rabbit foot? Yes. This vegan girl. Owned a rabbit foot. I thought it would bring me luck. Did it? No. Instead, it gave my dog great joy. I was about ten or eleven then. A chewed up rabbit foot is not quite as cute as a little fluffy thing on a keychain. It’s actually quite horrifying. No more rabbit feet for me. …But I didn’t mean to write about luck. I meant to write about work! WORK work work work work work work. And faith. And blessings. See, I’ve replaced my faith in luck with faith in blessings. It makes so much more sense. Some people aren’t just “lucky” while others are “unlucky”. No. We’re all lucky (in a fluffy way).

There are blessings out there for all of us. It’s all in where you focus. I used to feel like if I didn’t worry or focus on what needed to be done or what was lacking, I’d fall behind and I’d fail. Now I realize it’s the other way around. If I’m constantly focused on my shortcomings or what hasn’t been done and I don’t stop to appreciate what has been done and what I’ve accomplished… I’ll miss out on my blessings. It makes for a very unhappy Vita.

So.. make your “To Do” lists and check things off as you go, but don’t forget to stop and realize how “lucky” you are for the good things. If you’re having trouble figuring out the good things, start counting every good thing that happens. It’ll make you feel better. 🙂

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