Happy Birthday, E.

Best phone conversation. ever.

“HAPPY BIRTTHDAAAAYYY”..I had to sneak outside during the recording session before I could belt that out to the now 10 year old waiting patiently for me to answer on the other end of the phone line.  This was the first time in all of his ten years that he hadn’t spent the day of his birthday with me AT.ALL. …needless to say, my heart felt like it was missing a huge chunk all day long.  I’d called on my lunchbreak, but no answer. Called on my afternoon break, he wasn’t home. Called after work, he still wasn’t home…  So when he finally got home and his dad called me, I couldn’t wait to hear that little voice.

“Hehehe thank you!” says the little man.  Usually when I talk to Ethan on the phone it’s one of those short mom-get-off-the-phone-so-I-can-get-back-to-playing sort of conversations.. but not today. I could hear the joy and genuine excitement in his voice. He went on to tell me about everything he’d done so far that day, the presents he was accumulating, and how excited he was about his party that was about to start. 

“I can’t believe you’ve been alive for TEN WHOLE YEARS!” I laughed.

“Well, you’ve been alive for TWENTY NINE years!” He replied, laughing as well.

I may have shot myself in the foot in the midst of my elation over talking to the little mister. “Awesome! I can’t wait to pick you up on Sunday, we are gonna celebrate your birthday aaaall week!”


E says, “All week..?”

Mom says, “All week!”


“….That’s AWESOME!” says he.


And suddenly I wonder what he thinks I meant by that.. I guess we’ll find out come Sunday. 

Anyway, I can’t wait to scoop that little man into my arms. 🙂

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