The Mind Can Be a Fun Place, Too!

I’ve been catching up on the Scrubs episodes I missed over the years on Netflix and let me tell you.. I love that show.

I think a part of me loves it so much because I can relate to the constant daydreaming of the main character, JD. It makes me feel less crazy. Daydreams are fun! I’ve been a daydreamer since I was a kid. I remember sitting in class and watching the teacher you know… teach… and I’d imagine my favorite singer or actor come in and start performing in the front of the room. Of course, I’d always get picked out of the group to participate and we’d leave together and go have adventures (this was a recurring daydream and almost always with different people) and before I knew it my mind would be rudely interrupted by something I probably should have been paying attention to.

Nowadays it happens while I’m working. Sometimes while I’m driving (I know, I know!) and.. well, pretty much anywhere. I used to berate myself for it. Kick myself and tell myself that I shouldn’t be so inattentive (I still do about the driving part, but in my defense it’s usually about where I’m going or where I’d rather be going. Except for really really dark days when I imagine what it would be like to drive right off the bridge and I *promise* I would never test that theory!) and that I’m daydreaming my life away. I’ve decided that its not so bad. I like my daydreams. Like when my coworker told me they were “cruising the internet” and I immediately pictured her tearing through a highway in the sky made of rainbows and telephone lines wearing a billowing scarf and goggles going “weeee!”.

They amuse me. 🙂

Does that make me crazy?

Cue Gnarles Barkley…

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