Finding Time and Making Time

I’m updating from the audience. Listening to Jess perform with a group of talented singer/songwriters on an awesome set.

It used to bug me, looking out at the crowd and seeing people messing with their phones, but I guess that’s how things are these days.. Because why should I complain as long as they’re bobbing their heads or their knees, or tapping their toes and smiling. They might be updating their FB statuses to “Listening to an awesome singer, check her out at____ ” or something fantastic like that.

So I’m ok with it as long as you show you’re listening with your body language.

So anywho. Angela Sheik is playing right now. *Killin’ it.*

But that’s not what this post is about.

I think there’s a quote by someone more important than me that says that the most precious gift you can give is your time. Its so true. And its a gift I love to give and wish I had more to. I wish I could spend days with one person at a time but not miss anything in the meantime. I treasure deep conversations, carefree adventures, and exciting nights out. I wish I could have them with all of my friends all the time, one at a time, and in groups.

I haven’t had much sleep this week, so I apologize for the random format of this post. I’ve been quite busy with all this time I’m spending.

Time spent at work.
Time spent working.
Time spent with friends.
Time spent with family.
Time spent with friends that are family and family that are friends.
Time I wish I was spending with my son but have been unable to due to it being his dad’s week.

Saturdays. I love Saturdays even though they kill me.

Four hours of training, a birthday party and a show.

I love it!

But I’m tired.

Anyway, I am going to stop blogging because I lost my point a long time ago between songs. A few last things, though:

My friends have the most beautiful children and I love them all. I want to gather them all up and take a group photo while they’re still young.

All four of these artists are amazing and I will post links for them later.

And I think I’m going to start training to fight in the ring. It feels like its about time. I just… have to make the time.



One thought on “Finding Time and Making Time

  1. Did’nt know you came, but glad you did,love you pic, Love Jessica and Angela’s music! Don’t hate me I think your great too!

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