“Look at that table full of ladybugs!”

Not real ladybugs, but musical ladybugs.

Wait, that sounds like fictional creatures.

The ladybugs I speak of are the ladies that graced multiple stages last night in Wilmington’s first ever Ladybug Festival hosted by Gable Music Ventures down on 2nd and Market St.

It was a magical night! How great it was to be able to walk down the street and hear lovely voices coming from all directions. From LOMA Coffee to Extreme Pizza, music music everywhere and by all female artists. All talented female artists. I’m absolutely humbled to count myself among their peers and so totally grateful for the opportunity to play with and listen to all of these beautiful people. I didn’t get to see/hear everyone, but I did catch Jerzy Jung, Gina Degnars, Nadjah Nicole, Angela Sheik, and Sarah Czechowski.

AND I got to wander around the festival with Sarah, Rachel Schain, and Alyssa Regan. We drank coffee. We listened to music. We ate food. Good times.

Someone approached Sarah holding a very cute baby and said, “We’re looking for a new step mom and we chose you!”
Best. Pickup. Line. Ever.

Totally doesn’t work, but absolutely hilarious. At least it is when you’re surrounded by friends who are all laughing with you about it. I imagine it would be creepy if the tone was very serious.

Anyway, it was a gorgeous night and I hope to post pictures later.

Hope everyone is doing well!

I have another performance next Friday night at Extreme Pizza on 2nd and Market and if all goes as planned I’ll have a lovely accomplice as well. And that drummer guy. He’s cool but I wouldn’t say “lovely”. ;D


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