Sleep?! Who needs SLEEP?!

Actually, I love sleep. I really do. I love looking at my alarm as it buzzes and then flopping my arm over to smack the snooze button and go back to bed.

I just don’t like going to bed.

It’s strange! It’s like I never lost that defiance that we had as a child. My grandparents would put me and my brother to bed and let my sister stay up later because she was older, but I always sat awake in my bed wondering why I had to miss out on ALL the COOL stuff that my sister got to do while I was supposed to sleep.

These days it’s, “Man… I’m so tired, but… I really want to ________ before tomorrow.”

_________ could be anything, really. Could be watching a movie, writing a song, reading a story, playing a game, talking to someone, doing some work; anything.

Last night it was playing a game and watching youtube clips of funniest moments on Scrubs, which accounts for my 3:30ish FB post of “Hooch is crazy!”

And… Time to go back to work and hope I don’t pass out! Woo!


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