You know that feeling you get when you set something nice up for yourself? Something real nice that could have some major positive influences on your future? And I’m talking *major*? And the closer it gets the more claustrophobic it feels?

The more you want to back out?

The more you want to hide from what could essentially become a great.big.failure?

When you’re a kid everyone tells you how important it is to follow your heart and not let go of your dreams. Some of us grow up to eventually believe that all that was just fluff talk. Kid stuff. Things to encourage little ones to enjoy their childhood dreams with all their hearts, then when they get to be around a certain age, that’s when it’s time to think of “real” goals.

I remember when I was in middle school we had an assembly and during that assembly we talked about choosing the right school to compliment what we wanted to be when we grew up. None of the options suited my own dream. There was no “School for the kids who want to be rock stars”, like there kind of are now.. Anyway it was starting around that time when I began hearing the “that’s unrealistic” or “you’ll never make it because you’re not ___ or ___”.

It would be so easy… to give up.

I know this because I’ve done it before.

I gave up when I was eighteen because of a jealous boyfriend. Yeah, yeah, I know, that’s dumb, but I was eighteen and didn’t have a shred of self confidence.. Anyway, I gave up for 6 years.
So I know it can be done easily. Doesn’t mean it should be done, however. The life of someone who’s buried their dreams away is a sad and frustrating one.

So… I will face these butterflies. I walk up to my dreams and politely ask them if they will be mine, and more often than not they oblige. No matter how scary, now matter the chance for failure, I will take my dreams by the hand and we will walk together and show the world that it’s a much better life without the naysayers. A much more peaceful one, too.

One thought on “Butterflies

  1. I like this very much. Inspiring. Keep chasing your dreams. I envy people with dreams, so don’t give up on yours. You’ll never know if they’ll come true if you stop reaching for them.

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