What Inspires You?

It’s a question I find hard to answer. Some people have a focus on a certain person, place, or achievement, I think, and maybe that’s what inspires them. Me? It’s… more of a feeling.

When I hear a song that makes me feel good, no matter what the style of music, it inspires me. It’s that “inspired” feeling that I strive for and that I hope to relay to others.

People like to tell us things. Particularly what we should do or think or how to respond to situations. Usually what they’re trying to do is help us figure things out, but many times it doesn’t quite fit. I have a few acquaintances that tend to say the wrong things at the wrong time, or somehow just seem to fit in a few condescending phrases among a slew of compliments or idle chatter. I’m not sure if they mean well or not, but my reaction is usually first of shock, then of frustration, and then… motivation. It’s the most unhealthy motivation, I think, but I guess if it works it works.

I remember when I was a kid and other kids would tease me about the way I looked or the things I liked, I would think, “One day they’ll be sorry because I’ll be famous..” or something along those lines. My intention was for anyone who’d wronged me growing up to look back and say, “Man, I wish I hadn’t done that to her. Look at her now.”

It sounds like a cheesy after school special, but there it is.

Anyway, I’m still working on the end of that story, but that’s an example of one thing that inspires me: Proving the naysayers wrong.

Again, not the healthiest, but it is what it is.

What inspires you?


Finding Time and Making Time

I’m updating from the audience. Listening to Jess perform with a group of talented singer/songwriters on an awesome set.

It used to bug me, looking out at the crowd and seeing people messing with their phones, but I guess that’s how things are these days.. Because why should I complain as long as they’re bobbing their heads or their knees, or tapping their toes and smiling. They might be updating their FB statuses to “Listening to an awesome singer, check her out at____ ” or something fantastic like that.

So I’m ok with it as long as you show you’re listening with your body language.

So anywho. Angela Sheik is playing right now. *Killin’ it.*

But that’s not what this post is about.

I think there’s a quote by someone more important than me that says that the most precious gift you can give is your time. Its so true. And its a gift I love to give and wish I had more to. I wish I could spend days with one person at a time but not miss anything in the meantime. I treasure deep conversations, carefree adventures, and exciting nights out. I wish I could have them with all of my friends all the time, one at a time, and in groups.

I haven’t had much sleep this week, so I apologize for the random format of this post. I’ve been quite busy with all this time I’m spending.

Time spent at work.
Time spent working.
Time spent with friends.
Time spent with family.
Time spent with friends that are family and family that are friends.
Time I wish I was spending with my son but have been unable to due to it being his dad’s week.

Saturdays. I love Saturdays even though they kill me.

Four hours of training, a birthday party and a show.

I love it!

But I’m tired.

Anyway, I am going to stop blogging because I lost my point a long time ago between songs. A few last things, though:

My friends have the most beautiful children and I love them all. I want to gather them all up and take a group photo while they’re still young.

All four of these artists are amazing and I will post links for them later.

And I think I’m going to start training to fight in the ring. It feels like its about time. I just… have to make the time.


“Look at that table full of ladybugs!”

Not real ladybugs, but musical ladybugs.

Wait, that sounds like fictional creatures.

The ladybugs I speak of are the ladies that graced multiple stages last night in Wilmington’s first ever Ladybug Festival hosted by Gable Music Ventures down on 2nd and Market St.

It was a magical night! How great it was to be able to walk down the street and hear lovely voices coming from all directions. From LOMA Coffee to Extreme Pizza, music music everywhere and by all female artists. All talented female artists. I’m absolutely humbled to count myself among their peers and so totally grateful for the opportunity to play with and listen to all of these beautiful people. I didn’t get to see/hear everyone, but I did catch Jerzy Jung, Gina Degnars, Nadjah Nicole, Angela Sheik, and Sarah Czechowski.

AND I got to wander around the festival with Sarah, Rachel Schain, and Alyssa Regan. We drank coffee. We listened to music. We ate food. Good times.

Someone approached Sarah holding a very cute baby and said, “We’re looking for a new step mom and we chose you!”
Best. Pickup. Line. Ever.

Totally doesn’t work, but absolutely hilarious. At least it is when you’re surrounded by friends who are all laughing with you about it. I imagine it would be creepy if the tone was very serious.

Anyway, it was a gorgeous night and I hope to post pictures later.

Hope everyone is doing well!

I have another performance next Friday night at Extreme Pizza on 2nd and Market and if all goes as planned I’ll have a lovely accomplice as well. And that drummer guy. He’s cool but I wouldn’t say “lovely”. ;D

Sleep?! Who needs SLEEP?!

Actually, I love sleep. I really do. I love looking at my alarm as it buzzes and then flopping my arm over to smack the snooze button and go back to bed.

I just don’t like going to bed.

It’s strange! It’s like I never lost that defiance that we had as a child. My grandparents would put me and my brother to bed and let my sister stay up later because she was older, but I always sat awake in my bed wondering why I had to miss out on ALL the COOL stuff that my sister got to do while I was supposed to sleep.

These days it’s, “Man… I’m so tired, but… I really want to ________ before tomorrow.”

_________ could be anything, really. Could be watching a movie, writing a song, reading a story, playing a game, talking to someone, doing some work; anything.

Last night it was playing a game and watching youtube clips of funniest moments on Scrubs, which accounts for my 3:30ish FB post of “Hooch is crazy!”

And… Time to go back to work and hope I don’t pass out! Woo!

Not much of an update.

It’s really not that I haven’t had time to post, but it seems like when I do have time I tend to spend it doing other things.

I have 5 minutes, so I’ll keep this brief..

I was on the radio! This time for the whole show. It was super fun and I hope to have more radio stuff in the near future, once I figure out how and why.
You can listen here:
The show was dated 7/8.

I also had a great show on Friday. I’ll post more about that later. Upcoming shows are on my schedule page.

There’s a lot that’s been sitting on my “to do-eventually” list for a long time and I have to be honest.. It drives me nuts…

There really just isn’t enough time in the day to read the books I want to read, watch the movies I want to see, see the people I love, clean the shelves and the closets, organize everything in my entire life, build a new turtle habitat, get a hair cut, omg… The list is overwhelming.
And when I get a free moment? I just want to relax and turn off my brain.
I get into this “this has to be done or I’m a failure at life” mode and it stresses me out. So I write lists for things to do every day. Mostly because if I don’t I’ll be wandering around like a chicken with no head feeling completely lost.

Like my train of thought. Lost.
Which is one of my all time favorite shows: LOST.

5 minutes is up.

Anyway, I started using Tumblr again.


You know that feeling you get when you set something nice up for yourself? Something real nice that could have some major positive influences on your future? And I’m talking *major*? And the closer it gets the more claustrophobic it feels?

The more you want to back out?

The more you want to hide from what could essentially become a great.big.failure?

When you’re a kid everyone tells you how important it is to follow your heart and not let go of your dreams. Some of us grow up to eventually believe that all that was just fluff talk. Kid stuff. Things to encourage little ones to enjoy their childhood dreams with all their hearts, then when they get to be around a certain age, that’s when it’s time to think of “real” goals.

I remember when I was in middle school we had an assembly and during that assembly we talked about choosing the right school to compliment what we wanted to be when we grew up. None of the options suited my own dream. There was no “School for the kids who want to be rock stars”, like there kind of are now.. Anyway it was starting around that time when I began hearing the “that’s unrealistic” or “you’ll never make it because you’re not ___ or ___”.

It would be so easy… to give up.

I know this because I’ve done it before.

I gave up when I was eighteen because of a jealous boyfriend. Yeah, yeah, I know, that’s dumb, but I was eighteen and didn’t have a shred of self confidence.. Anyway, I gave up for 6 years.
So I know it can be done easily. Doesn’t mean it should be done, however. The life of someone who’s buried their dreams away is a sad and frustrating one.

So… I will face these butterflies. I walk up to my dreams and politely ask them if they will be mine, and more often than not they oblige. No matter how scary, now matter the chance for failure, I will take my dreams by the hand and we will walk together and show the world that it’s a much better life without the naysayers. A much more peaceful one, too.

Just start writing, dangit.

I feel kinda like a robot. Except with an overactive imagination.

I’ve been thinking about making a blog specifically for short stories because of this. I don’t intend for it to be “a thing”… Other than just a place to put things.

I like having places to put things.

Lots happened in June! Good things! I don’t feel like typing about them, but one of such wonderful things was my student’s quinceanera!

I have seen this girl grow leaps and bounds over the last few years and she is turning into a wonderful, beautiful young woman. I’m very proud to have her and her family in my life (especially when I see a boy post on Facebook that she punches harder than he does *Woot*). So, feliz quinceanos Ariana. ❤

Ariana, Amanda, and Robyn taking a break from the insanity.

Ariana, Amanda, and Robyn taking a break from the insanity.

My son and his bff fully taking advantage of the free unlimited photo booth fun.

My son and his bff fully taking advantage of the free unlimited photo booth fun.

Oh yeah! I’m gonna be on the radio this Sunday, 7/8. 8PM to 10PM. Hometown Heroes WSTW (93.7)