The Importance of Ending on a Good Note.

My son is learning how to run a business.

Kind of.

It’s a school project. He has decided that his business will be a vegan baking business (boy after my own heart) and he’s going to sell mini cupcakes. They had their first sale on Monday and he was pretty happy when he got home. He’d sold 4 cupcakes and gave the rest to his friends AND saved two for me and him at the end of the day.
…and then I bursted his bubble.

See, my job is to charge him for supplies, etc so he gets an idea of the costs of doing business. By the time I totaled the cost it came up to a WOPPING $9.00.

He was not happy with me. Or the system. I tried to explain to him that in order to make money you first have to spend money, but the harder you sell and if you work smart you’ll make profit.

He still was not happy with big bad mom.

It made me frustrated because it reminded me of my own business struggles. After that lengthy and emotionally exhausting conversation I told him..

“You can’t focus on the negative or it will eat you alive. You just have to trust that tomorrow you have another opportunity to make more money and another opportunity to sell more cupcakes.”

He said, with tears welling in his eyes, “What if noone wants to buy them?”

I felt my heart sink a little, feeling the same way about ALL of the products I make, music or baked goods, but I replied, “You can’t let that fear bother you and keep you from trying.”

Later that night he still hadn’t cheered up and was getting increasingly frustrated with his homework. I came into the living room to find him laying on the couch with a sad look on his face. I leaned over and laid my head down next to his and asked him if he was okay.

He said, “I’m having a bad day. I think I’m under too much stress.”

I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. He’s NINE, folks!

I asked him why he felt that way and he began to tell me everything that was on his young mind. There was much indeed and I only hope that the advice I gave him and the banana pancakes + video game time before bed could ease his nine year old brain.

I remember when I was nine. My dad passed away and I became a very somber emo/goth child with deep and angry thoughts.

You think it’s hard figuring out your own world? Try figuring it out for yourself and the extra little life that depends on you. I only hope that my faith makes me a better, stronger mother than what I can do on my own, because there are so many ways to screw up raising a child. God’s the only one who can help me do this right.

So we ate our pancakes for dinner, played video games, and resolved to make Tuesday and much less stressful day. And it was 🙂 My mom had to work on Sunday (she’s a nurse, bless her!) so we had a late Mother’s Day celebration and the family surprised her with dinner and cake and we played that Michael Jackson dancing game on Wii. SO fun!


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