Go with the flow.

This morning was a laid back class. One of my students was late, but she made up for it by bringing me a latte and that’s a good thing.

During tai chi I realized that everyone was having trouble focusing, so I stopped and watched.

I love teaching and helping other people have those “aha” moments that I’ve experienced during my training (and still do). When they finished the form, everyone looked so frazzled. No one was relaxed and no one could figure out why. We all sat down and instead of analyzing what we did or how we lost our focus we just… Breathed.

Everything around us is a distraction. This phone in my hand is a distraction. My job is a distraction. Negativity and stressors are distractions. There are so many distractions around us that have the potential to keep us from our blessings. How do we keep ourselves on track? How do we not lose heart? How do we “just breathe”?

We accept that we can’t change or remove all our distractions. We can’t always remove ourselves from our distractions. We have to let them pass by like logs down a river. Focus on what’s real within you. The positive things that matter, like the good friends you have, the great music you listen to, the beauty in nature, or even something as simple as the warmth of the sun or a warm blanket on a cold night. The good is always out there, you have to look past the distractions to find it.

Where we struggle is when we try to make something permanent that is constantly changing. Life has ups and downs. Your body, your mind, your spirit, they are constantly changing. If you struggle so hard to keep things the same all the time, you will fail. So be like the river. Be like the air around you, it keeps flowing and moving no matter how the environment changes, and… go with the flow.

Because no matter what, there are good things. There are blessings waiting for you to love and accept them. Distractions will come. Don’t get angry about them, anticipate them, or fight against them. When they get to be too much? Take a moment to close your eyes and breathe. Focus on the inside of you. The fact that you have a beating heart and lungs that work and that things are going to change.

A very sweet and influential person in my life told me once, “Don’t miss out on your blessings.”

They’re out there.

4 thoughts on “Go with the flow.

  1. “Where we struggle is when we try to make something permanent that is constantly changing.”

    Ah, truth, my friend; you speak the truth. Thank you for seeing life the way you do and then writing it down for the rest of us:)

    • Thanks for reading, Jessica 🙂

      I often get all fortune-cookie when I teach. I have to write it down right away or it’s gone forever (or at least until next classtime). The best part of tai chi for me has always been the exploration of self and how we react to the world around us. Tai chi is perfect for learning how to cope with stress and the importance of strengthening your positive energy. And my student’s amaze me with how awesome they are. I love it so much!

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