Random Thoughts 5-11-12

Might as well start adding the date to these (even though the posts are dated?) just to make the titles different.

Here are my random thoughts for today.

The less sleep I get, the more I daydream. (not always a bad thing)

Worship and praise music can be really cheesy or really beautiful. And sometimes both.

Mother’s Day is going to be awesome because the first thing I get to do in the morning is pick up my son. WOO!

In contrast, sometimes I listen to gangsta rap. 

In contrast to that, more often than any other style, I listen to punk.

My wrist has been bothering me for weeks. I need to get it checked out. It bothers me when I play guitar. 😦

I’ve been harmonizing a lot with the music I listen to, I think a duet is in my future…but with whoooo?

I love those days when you look back at the day before and smile because of conversations that were had or because of overall good experiences… and you remember little nuggets of wisdom that make you crack up like:  “A girl’s gotta eat”.  Or just being able to spend time with a good friend that you haven’t seen in awhile and stay up talking until you’re sentences don’t make sense anymore because you’re both so tired.

My cat knows how to snuggle like a pro. 

No, really.  He should get a job as a professional snuggler. He could help with the rent.  He’s got 8 years of snuggling experience. When he was like the size of my fist, I’d wake up with a little furball snuggled against my neck.  It’s a wonder he never got smooshed.

I just read the word “staffing” and thought it said “stabbing”. Much different. Much, much different.

I like this band called Within Temptation.  Check’em ouuut.

Sometimes I wish I could form a band like Evanescence, Within Temptation, and Flyleaf and just rock the eff out. Trick is…I need to find some amazing musician’s to work with.

I mean, I know some amazing musicians already, but they’re kinda busy. 😀

Speaking of amazing musician’s, I haven’t mentioned my friend Vera lately. No, not “Veeera”, but more like “Verra”.  He actually goes by his real name, “Chris”, now which is much easier, I think. The band is still called  Vera Mesmer , however.


He was one of those few musician’s that, when I got back into the industry, obliged my newbie questions and gave me some solid advice.  Thanks for that, Christopher!

My friends are forcing me to go see Dark Shadows tonight. Yep. “Forcing” me.

Can’t wait 🙂

Did you know I’m on a mission to see absolutely everything Johnny Depp’s ever done? I keep track on my facebook page.  I have a JD collection of DVDs…I have more JD DVDs than any other actor… Brad Pitt comes in close second, but totally not on purpose.  He just has some damn good movies. And he looks damn good in them.

Actually no, that’s a lie, I think I have more Disney movies than anything else. So it probably goes 1.) Disney  2.) Johnny 3.) Brad.

I don’t generally buy movies unless I’m going to watch them over and over.

ok, I should probably stop there.


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts 5-11-12

  1. Random Reply 5-12-12

    I liked your friends video. Good song.

    Praise music always struck me as cheesy. The singing was always my least favorite part of church.

    You and Jess should duet. Just sayin. Your guitar, her uke. And singing, of course.

    Johnny Depp lost some credibility for me with all of those Pirate movies. The first one was good. The others just seemed desperate.

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