Life Without.

Ethan’s dad doesn’t have school this week. That means no morning visits with my son since I don’t have to give Ethan a ride to school.

It hurts to be without him. God didn’t intend mothers to be away from their children for chunks at a time, I think. It feels like I’m missing something. Like I forgot something important.

But… This is good for him. Better than not having a dad at all, I suppose.

I didn’t have a dad for very long, and when I did it wasn’t very often. I remember being 8 years old and wondering why my dad would ask me and my brother why we never called him. Being only 8, I never called anyone. And as much as I loved my dad, I preferred being at my mom’s house because she was much more fun. He was much more work. We had chores and classes and all that when we went to his house. Now that I’m older, I value those lessons he taught me, but I wonder how he did it. How did he go weeks without seeing us?

He passed away when I was 9, then we had a stepdad. We’ll not talk about that right now.

There are a lot of things in life that I’ve gone without time and time again.

A significant other,
A father,
A home,
A friend,
A church,

The hard part is focusing on what’s remained constant and has carried me through it all.

I’m thankful for those

On a lighter note, I woke up with this awesome song in my head:
Frank Turner: Poetry of the Deed

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