Good things about Friday

Well,I was sick all day Friday and today, but I think I’m starting to feel better. Working was miserable, because I didn’t realize I was sick until I was *at* work (aside from my throat being sore in the morning, but I was convinced that would go away..). So after shivering at my desk wearing two sweaters and drinking hot tea, I was convincing myself that I was *not* going to cancel my performance that night because I hate cancelling things!

So 7:30 rolls around and we made our way to The Barn for the benefit show. See, these awesome folks are going to make a trip to Mozambique to work in an orphanage and they need to raise some money to get there, so I packed up the family and we did our best to help out!

I was still feeling a little under the weather when we got there, but the tea certainly helped.. and so did the company and the music. 🙂

Here are some photos! (Hint: Some photos contain links…)

With Erin Magnin & Michael Natrin of The Honey Badgers

Ethan watching Zach Elfers.

Funny faces in the dark!

Fuzzy pic of Shane.

Oh yeah! And I was on the radio last week!

2 thoughts on “Good things about Friday

  1. So glad that you are feeling better. I didn’t know you were THAT sick. Poor thing. It looked like fun though.

    The song is awesome. Great job. Congrats on getting airplay. That’s a big deal.

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