You have to do it THIS way.

“You need a band.”

“Have you tried (American Idol/X Factor/America’s Got Talent/etc)??”

“You need an image.”

“You need to stick to one genre!”

And many many more…

I love all of the advice I get, even the criticism, though it hurts at first, it’s always helpful. I love that people care enough to tell me what I should or shouldn’t do 🙂

But there just isn’t just one way to go about this crazy music thing. Look at your favorites and think about how they “made it”. Most of the time each story is different when you get down to the minor details. The only variable that remains the same is: they kept trying.

Anyway, I have NO idea what I’m doing, but I listen to the people who care about my career and I take note from the people that are further down the line from me and I rush toward opportunity (when I see it) with, as Jessica nicely put it: “aggressive faith”. Words to live by, Jess!

Something I told my son this morning as we said our prayers… God knows what’s best for you. God knows what the right answers are. If you don’t know, pray that he’ll guide your steps and make your decisions and just know that whatever you’re doing? He’s there with you. If you’re not succeeding? He’s redirecting you. Just.. Keep on walking.

And I’m pretty sure my ADD kicked in somewhere and redirected this blog post three times, but hey! Its all good.

4 thoughts on “You have to do it THIS way.

  1. Most people have good intentions when they give you advice, myself included. But sometimes I know it’s annoying. Just follow your heart and trust that you’ll find the path that is right for you. You have the talent and the ambition, now you just need the right door to open. So see, you are already two-thirds the way there.

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