This is what Saturday looks like!

Saturday morning began like this….

CMAC Kids warming up for kung fu class.

Then, after a few hours of classes, I got to see a beautiful little girl enjoy her 2nd birthday party. This beautiful little girl also happens to be my best friend’s babygirl, Rowan. Isn’t she precious?

Rowan and her cute cake!

And here’s another, because you need more cuteness in your life.

Rowan loves Elmo!

THEN… If you thought Saturday was over? Oh no! You were wrong.
THEN I got to sing the national anthem HERE:

(Click the link for details on the school) MVJ Athletics Boxing Event

It was so fun to get up and sing in front of my martial arts family 🙂

Oh… but the fun isn’t over yet! After I stayed for the first match I headed on over to the Grand Opera House in Wilmington to see these fine musicians play a few wonderful tunes.

Gayle (Gable Music Ventures) with The Paper Janes

Well, Gayle didn’t play any music, I just thought this picture was cute.

But did you think Saturday was over? Because it’s not! By far!
Next, I got to hang out with some pretty rad folks (which happened to be the same people at the Grand, amazing how that works,right?)

Taking pictures of them taking pictures outside the Grand.

Well, Sarah wasn’t at the Grand, but I made sure she came out and spent some time with us!

L/R: Sarah Czechowski, Me, Jessica Latshaw.
Hanging out at Chelsea Tavern with Jeremy Hebbel, Gayle Dillman (Gable Music Ventures), Rod Kim, and Vince Cirino.

And…THAT… is what Saturday looks like. 🙂

OH, but before you go. Here’s a little diddy put forth by Em McKeever. Yep, she played the Grand that night as well.


2 thoughts on “This is what Saturday looks like!

  1. I almost went to that show at the Grand. I wanted to so badly, and even looked at airline tickets when I first heard about it. Jessica doesn’t seem to perform on Saturdays very often, so I thought I could fly up Sat morning. But, alas, it wasn’t meant to be. And to find out that I would have gotten to meet you makes it even more disappointing. Glad you had a great time and got to hang out.

    Btw, you look like a beatiful Indian Princess with those braids (or a brunette Dorothy), Jess is gorgeous as always (girl can pull off a hat), and your friend Sarah is hot. A very superficial comment, I know. What can I say – I like pretty girls. Sue me. 🙂

    • Thanks for the compliments, Rob! Yes, all of my friends are gorgeous and I love them all 😀

      Sorry you missed the show, but I’m quite sure if you remain patient Jess, Sarah, and I will eventually have shows in Florida, too! Maybe not all together, but you know.

      Btw, Sarah’s band is Felixhunger. She’s got a beautiful voice, too.

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