famous people guitars are heavier.

This weekend was soo much fun!

First, Friday night I had the privilege of performing at the Homeless Children’s Backpack Drive in Wilmington, Delaware at the New Castle County Irish Society. The people there were really sweet. The first band, “Crosslinx Band”, which.. wasn’t actually supposed to be the first band… helped me with gear, soundchecking… and well, letting me switch the lineup because my drummer was stuck in traffic!

Speaking of which, aren’t their drummer and bass player ADORABLE?!

Not to mention my little brother came to volunteer, so it was a family affair. It felt nice to look out in the crowd and see my little bro and my little man in the crowd, clapping and smiling.

Saturday was just as nice, if not more. We headed over to Faith City around 8:45 to help Sanctus Real set up for their gig that night. It was pretty exciting. Sure, they’re not like uber famous like U2 or anything crazy like that, but they’re famous to me. So this is how we started our morning..

And while loading the instruments onto the stage I noticed how.. noticeably.. heavy one of the guitars was compared to my own. Hence the name of this blog. Why are famous people guitars heavier? I think it’s because they carry just a little bit more awesome. (Or maybe it’s just the different style of guitar and different style of case than my own, but that line of thought is no fun!).

Then I didn’t take any pictures for awhile because, well, I was busy. I met the very polite and charming Tyler, the merch guy, and helped set up the merch table–which is familiar territory, being the official merch girl for Phillybloco. I did have to pause and take this picture though.

My son hiding under the merch table while we try and set it.

Pretty soon we were finished and we were awarded with…

and a free t-shirt:

(It’s mirrored, obviously..)

We went and had some fun kung fu classes and stopped by our buddy Jimmy’s gallery. He did something amazing, letting the little street kids of the Philippines tell their own stories through pictures. If you want to see more, PLEASE do check out the project here!

seven0seven project

the seven0seven project

After that? We went back to Faith City for the actual concert. Here’s more pictures, I don’t feel like typing anymore. 🙂

Waiting for the doors to open, Ethan relaxes in the grass.

...and his friend Robyn jumps over him.

A really fuzzy terrible photo.

And the crowd enjoying the show 🙂

So there you have it.. A beautiful weekend with beautiful people and beautiful music… Ah, and I had a restful Sunday, FINALLY.

God is good.


2 thoughts on “famous people guitars are heavier.

  1. God IS good.
    And I haven’t heard of Sanctus Real…but that’s so cool that you love them and you got to meet them and help them with their show and stuff.

    and if awesomeness is what makes a guitar heavy, than yours should be just as heavy as anyone else’s.

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