In Contrast.

Warning: Explicit Lyrics

Ever heard the term “Mass-hole”?  I have. People tell me about how rude people are in Massachusetts.  I think… maybe they’ve just never been to Philly (or worse, Wilmington!).  Not to diss my hometown, but there are some rude ass motherfuckers (sorry kids!).  When I tell them I’ve always had good experiences they say it’s because I’m a girl.

So here’s some compare and contrast based on just a few random experiences from this week:

House of Blues:

We walked in the wrong way. The gentleman kindly pointed us toward the line we needed to be in.
We were greeted by the first guy who checked our IDs who explained to us that we had floor tickets so had to enter the other way and thanked us.

Compared to Philly:
“FLOOR TICKETS THAT WAY ONLY.” <-said in an irritated voice.

Boston: We get past the ID checker and to the ticket guy and he smiles brightly and tells us to enjoy the show.

Philly: -silently checks ticket, hands back and points through-

Boston: Coat check lady tells me that I can leave my scarf with my coat, no charge. Smiling all the while and joking that the “per item” is more for the kids who try to sneak in multiple coats and bags under one $5 charge. She tells me how long she’s been doing this and hopes I have a great time at the show.

Philly: $5 each item. $5 coat. $5 scarf. And you better tip too or I’m giving you the stink eye.

——and later.

While driving out of a gas station, we were stuck as the traffic went by on both sides.  In Philly, we’d have to fight to get onto the road.  Basically cut someone off.  In MA? Two cars stopped on either side just to let us go. Amazing.

Last night, we were about to cross a busy street on foot.  Some guy was cruising down the way and came to a complete stop to let us pass.  In Philly? We’d have to wait for a light.  Pedestrian’s have the right of way, but you better get your ass across the street or you might get your butt tapped by a fender.

Walked into an Irish pub last night and was greeted by the locals who then helped me find a place to hang my coat.  In Philly? You’d most likely be ignored at first or given a “who the fuck is that” dirty look.


Maybe it is just because I’m a girl.  Maybe it’s because I’m a stranger.  But It’s been like this every time I visit Boston (1-2x a year for the last 6 years) and I love it.  ALSO, I do say this out of love for Philly.  As rude and crude as it can get, I do love Philly and there are nice people there, too.  Wilmington? I love Wilmington because it’s my hometown.  It’s definitely not my favorite city, though. Sorry, folks.


Peace ouuuut.

2 thoughts on “In Contrast.

  1. Watch your fucking language. There are mother fucking kids reading this. The little fuckers.

    I’ve never been to Boston or Philly. A friend lives in NJ outside Philly and I keep saying I’m going to come visit her, but something always comes up (like having no money). She’s never been rude to me, but she is VERY blunt. So I don’t know. I have been to Washington, D.C. a few times, and they are rather rude there, as well.

  2. I haven’t spent a whole lot of time in DC, but yes, Jersey people can be very blunt.
    Philly is an interesting place.
    New York is… cold, I think.
    Wilmington (DE) is…scary.

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