Evangelina’s Tips for Getting Through the Mosh Pit

People always ask me how I get to the front of the crowd, or how to get on stage, etc.  Figured I’d give a few tips.

These tips are for the kind of pit where everyone’s packed in like sardines.  If it’s a thrashing pit, you just gotta go in swinging and running. Follow the circle (or whatever formation) and keep your guard up against swinging fists.  Don’t go out to punch other people — THAT’S A DOUCHEBAG MOVE.  Just go out to thrash around and let off some steam.  That makes it great fun 🙂 The best punk crowds are the ones where there is camaraderie in the pit.  

  1. Don’t be afraid to get hit.
    It’s a mosh pit. ’nuff ‘ced.
  2. Keep your elbows out.
    Not to poke or elbow other people, but to keep your own space.  Once your elbows come in, the crowd comes too.
  3. Move with the crowd.
    This should be obvious.  If you go against the crowd you’re probably not even going to get into the pit at all. When they move forward, you move forward.  When they move back… you move back.. unless you see an opening, in which case you can secure yourself a spot closer to the stage.
  4. Don’t try to split up groups.
    If they’re like me and my friends, we link arms.  Not to be assholes, but just to stay together.  Just slip in front of them instead, or go around.
  5. The shorter you are, the easier it is to get in front of others. Sorry tall peeps!
    Most taller folks won’t mind if you’re in front of them because a.) Your head wont’ be in front of their face, and b.) they can breathe.
  6. Be polite.
    A lot of times if I want to get in front of someone I just say “Hey, do you mind if I stand here?” and 9/10 they say yes.  Men and women. As long as you’re polite. We’re all here to enjoy the show.
  7. If you see an opening, take it. Don’t hesitate.
    That spot won’t be open long!
  8. Best way to get out of the middle is UP.
    I was in the middle of the pit and didn’t want to fight to get out, so I politely asked the big strong men next to me using non-verbal queues if he would help. I pointed to him, pointed to myself, and pointed up. He smiled big, nodded, and with a jump he hoisted me into the air and I was passed forward by many many hands.  Waved a hello to the band and was on my way to the side of the stage.
  9. To get a good view:
    Don’t be an ass.  Everyone wants to see.  Shortest to tallest works best. Be patient, if you see a spot you want but someone else is standing there… get behind them and wait.  Eventually they will either a.) get annoyed with the crowd behind them and leave. b.) need a beer. c.) have to pee….of course that only works if you don’t have to do either of those… but I’m a patient person.
  10. Start off the show telling yourself you will not get irritated and we’re all there to have a good time.
    If you start off with a “fuck this” attitude, you’ll probably be too preoccupied with douchebags (as there are many of them) to enjoy the show. 

Hope that helps!


Mosh pit at Dropkick Murphys St. Patty’s show 3/14/12.


Oh, some additional tips. 

To keep your ground:  Stand with one leg slightly behind the other. The crowd behind you will push but if you keep your knees bent and sway back and forth you won’t fall and you’ll have a good position. 
If you’re up against the gate in the front, use your arms to give yourself some room between you and the gate. Don’t press your chest against it because if it’s a packed crowd and a rowdy group you will get squished. 
Ladies, wear your hair in a low ponytail or braid. Much more comfy and less poking the people behind you.
Make friends with the security guards. They’ll help you if they like you.

I think out of all the tips, being nice to everyone around you really is the best one.


5 thoughts on “Evangelina’s Tips for Getting Through the Mosh Pit

  1. There is nothing about his that sounds appealing to me. Even when I was young, I never understood moshing. I like my space, and I don’t like people touching me. Well, not you. You can touch me.

    • Wow, Rob! Gettin’ a little bold huh? Lol!

      Yes, that’s why the first tip is you have to be okay with being that close.

      I think for some (like myself) a mosh pit is good for letting off steam. Really letting all that energy and emotion go and being 100% with the crowd and the music.

      It kind of has the same feeling for me as sparring with a friend. Its fun, exhausting, intense, and when its over you feel like you’ve earned your rest. Its a rush 🙂

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