Our Lady of Perpetual Dish Washing

I’m cleaning my apartment today so that when I leave it’s nice and clean for my friend who has graciously accepted the job of house/dog/cat/turtle sitting while I’m in Boston.

I did the dishes earlier, then after awhile, I ate, so I did the dishes again. I do dishes a lot because I have no dishwasher. As I’m scrubbing and rinsing I thought about how, you know, when someone dies and people say they see the ghost of the person doing the same thing they always did. Like a woman walking down the same road she used to take her daily walks on, or a man calling out for his dog to come inside every night?

“I saw a woman with black hair in the kitchen…!!! She was….. doing the dishes!……?!”

There are actual ghost sightings of this, but they’re usually from a much older time period as far as I’ve heard.

This post has no point. Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Our Lady of Perpetual Dish Washing

  1. Of all the things your ghost could be doing, dishes isn’t really so bad. When I think of the things that I do in my apartment when I’m alone, let’s just say that I’d rather not have my ghost share with others.

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