Taking advice from 9 year olds. Why not?

The other day my kid and I were at the co-op and I was looking through hand creams. I work in a dry, dry office, so hand lotion is a must have. I also happen to be very picky about scent. I don’t like the musky stuff from Victoria’s Secret (not vegan anyway), I don’t like stuff that smells like scented candles, and I don’t like stuff that smells TOO yummy (hellooo cravings).

I like light, flowery scents… But I’m so tired of lavender. It’s everywhere! Where is my lilac? Or my favorite: honeysuckle!? Those scents make me think of a beautiful sunny day. Most of the honeysuckle scents I’ve checked out didn’t smell much like the real thing. Here I was, rotating three bottles in front of my nose. They were all slightly similar but slightly different (obviously). All cruelty free. All with a decent price and made with natural ingredients.

My nine year old was getting anxious. “Which one do you like?” I asked and held the first one under his nose.
“That one.” After the first.
“That one.” After the second.
“That one!” After the third (with sincerity).

I smelled them all again… considered… And still no decision was made.

“Get THAT one!” Pointing to the third one with exasperation.

“But it has lavender and I’m sooo tired of lavender…” I replied, even though it did smell nice.

It was at that moment he pushed me out of the aisle. He got behind me and physically began pushing me toward the check out. “Get THAT one. If I like it then other guys will like it too!”

I couldn’t help but agree to the purchase. I thought I was shopping for hand cream. Apparently to Ethan I should be shopping for more than that.

Haha! I love my boy. I’ll smile every time I look at the bottle of Nubian Heritage Lavender & Wildflowers Hand Cream on my desk.

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