Lessons Learned from 2011

1. I am not a booking agent.

I love to host. I love to create reasons to get together and I especially love to create reasons to share music. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t stress me the hell out! There were a few shows I put together in 2011. They were great! And the shows themselves were fun. Not to mention it enabled me to share the stage with some great talent and raise money for a good cause. The downfall however is that I become less of the artist and more of the promoter, booking agent, and well… Host.

2. I am not a promoter.
In addition to #1. I love to promote other acts. I love talking about how AMAY-ZING Phillybloco (http://www.phillybloco.com), New Sweden (http://newswedenmusic.com), Revolution, I Love You (http://www.revolutioniloveyou.com), Jessica Latshaw (http://www.jesslatshaw.com), etc, etc, etc, are but I find it extremely difficult to talk about… ME. I just… haven’t figured that out yet. 😦

3. I am totally capable of holding my own during a performance without a band.

Over the last few years I’ve heard many many times: “You need a band.” or “Noone’s really interested in [solo acts, singer/songwriters, acoustic acts, “girl with a guitar”]… Quite frankly I’m sick of it. I appreciate the constructive criticism for the most part, but putting a band together is not an easy feat so I’m just going to keep doing what I do until I find the right people and then *I* will decide whether or not I want a band. Besides that fact, without a band I still manage to get everyone’s participation, smiles, and much appreciated love at the end of the show. So stick that on your record player and scratch it 😉

4. I am also very ready to find the right bandmates.

Not to discredit the above statement, but I think now I know what kind of people I’m lopking for in a band. I need people who understand and have the same vision that I do. Musicians that speak the same language (figuratively) that I do. People that understand the need to create music, connect musically, and work hard. WORK. HARD. Etc.

5. I love performing at weddings.

I don’t want to be a “wedding singer” but I really do enjoy singing at weddings. I love being able to give that little touch to the ceremony. I love working with the couple to provide just the right song. I love the pretty dresses and the good times. Yay weddings 🙂

6. Music is the only thing that makes sense to me.



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