oh so glamorous

Its no secret that I’m a single mom. Its not news that its hard. I’m not going to complain!

This morning I wake up to BUZZZZZ!!! Followed by WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!(etc etc) at 6am sharp. That was the doorbell and my dog, if you couldn’t figure that out. I won’t go into detail (not enough time) but anyway.

So after that, I was awake! And after our morning routine of rushing around, making sure everyone is fed and has used the bathroom (except for the turtle and the cat, I don’t need to make sure they use the bathroom!) we are on time and on our way out the door!

Until.. We pull up to his school.

“I forgot my backpack.”


And so I dropped the munchkin off at school, thinking “Sure, it will only take like 5 minutes to grab his bag and drop it off and I’ll be on time for work!” right? No. I get home only to find the dog has gotten into his bag and eaten his sandwich. At which point I freaked. Why? Well, this was going through my head:
ohmyGodihavenobreadnomoneyandnotimeforthis! AND Icantsendmykidtoschoolwithnolunch! AND IAMTHEWORSTMOMEVER!

And of course I’m saying all this in a loud tone, grumbling at my dog who is now hiding under a kitchen chair (yes, a large chow mix under one solitary kitchen chair) as I tear through the kitchen looking for SOMEthing suitable for his lunch. I come up with nothing. I have no bread, no time to cook anything, and as the minutes go by I’m worried that I will soon have no job. Finally, and after yelling at the dog a few more times, I took a deep breath and grabbed a plastic container. Mommy will just have to settle for half a lunch!

I poured half of my red beans and rice into a container, popped a plastic fork in there and rushed out the door. Fuming. Not at my son and not at my dog, merely the situation. I was late for work (again) and feeling like a failure at life. Its times like that when you just feel like life would be so much easier if you had someone to share it with.

So, I say a little prayer to try and change my perspective and head in to E’s school. I took his backpack inside and I’m greeted by 3rd graders whispering “That’s Ethan’s mom…”… And my mood lifts dramatically.

Yup! Ethan’s mom to the rescue! I said hi to the class, dropped off his backpack and explained why Ethan will be eating rice and beans for lunch, then gave my little monkeyman a huge hug and a kiss.

Still late to work, but that’s life.

So glam. Kids are the best.

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