To: 15 year old me.

Dearest Evangelina,
Yes, I know the world sucks. I’m sorry, but that does not change. I do, however, want to share a few things with you.

1.) Stay in school. I know you don’t want to be there, but trust me, it’s much harder to go back later. (And you will go back. I know this, because I’m future you and you have gone back).
2.) Don’t waste your time on any of those crushes you have/had/will have. If he’s not into you, move on! They are definitely not worth the stress.
3.) Don’t listen to that guy who tells you (when you’re 19) that people only want to hear your music because of the way you look and that you can’t be a musician and a wife/mother. That’s horseshit.
4.) Please stop, you are not fat. You are beautiful. But don’t eat processed foods, they’re making you break out.
5.) When you go to the Silverchair show in 1998, leave immediately after Silverchair and go backstage to meet that man. Silverchair is not going to tour the US again for another 9 years and you will not be single at that time.

Okay, this started as a philosophical blog post, but I’m very sleepy and so went off on some random things.

So, 15 year old me, scratch all that I just said. Don’t change anything, because you’re going to have an amazing little boy, some extremely interesting songwriting material, and everything is going to work out according to God’s plan. (You should really try to catch Silverchair when they come back in ’07 though. Just leave the boyfriend home.)

29 yr old me.


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