Home is where the heart is.

Yeah, I used a cliche title. What?

I love my family. We’ve been through so much together, my clan. I didn’t have the ideal childhood, mind you, but our trials and tribulations brought us closer. My heart breaks for families who can’t say the same thing.

Earlier in the month I heard some friends talking about how their families hold them back. Then last night a good friend and I talked about how people with “good” childhoods (non-dysfunctional!) will never truly understand what it’s like to have lived through that (and visa versa!). This isn’t a bad thing, but it presents a challenge sometimes when you’re trying to understand each other.

When I was a teen I was surrounded by people who were hurting because of something going wrong in their family. It brought us together as friends. I couldn’t fathom for the life of me that there could be a family that did not have at least one abusive parent, one addict, poverty, or just plain hate. As an adult I’ve met a handful of people who amazed me by talking about how awesome their parents are (BOTH of them), how they’ve never truly struggled with money, or how they didn’t have any family members who suffered from substance abuse. Amazing! You mean happy families really exist?!

Seriously, that is SUCH a blessing!

Anyway, back to the point, as I have gone completely off the topic I wanted to write about. I’ve moved around a couple of times since I was 18. Remaining in the same state, but different cities and different living situations. Each place I was able to feel at home. All it took to make that happen was… my heart. I brought it with me. I suspect that if I moved somewhere away from where my heart wanted to go, I would not feel at home at all.

I have another dear friend who is trying to find her place in the world (physically and practically). She doesn’t feel home yet. She will, when she gets to where her heart wants her to be. šŸ™‚

Another friend who’s heart is pulling her across the country. Her family is here. Her friends are here. But she feels stifled. I told her to go where she feels like she’d be better suited to follow her dreams. Sometimes we get too comfortable where are friends and family are and we forget to take risks and make efforts to accomplish our dreams. Maybe not so much that we forget, but we are afraid.

It’s scary to leave your comfort zone, even if it’s the best thing for you. But the heart will go where it wants and you won’t find peace until you’ve found your home.

I hope that makes sense because I don’t feel like proofreading or editing! šŸ˜‰ Goodnight!


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