I love you too, Philly :)

Friday night at Milkboy Acoustic Cafe was a blast! Despite the horrendous rain, Alyssa and I had a packed house thanks to loyal family and friends and a few new fans!

This was my first gig outside of my comfort zone of Delaware and I’m so glad it was a success, thanks to you :). Milkboy Acoustic Cafe is located in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Somewhere in between King of Prussia and Philly, basically. The cafe is nice and cozy and the coffee is good, and to be honest, the rain kind of made it even more comfy. I suggest if you’re in the area to check out some other acts there!

So I figured I’d probably just sink my heels back into DE for awhile, and maybe if I was lucky I can build up enough momentum to play the larger venue, Milkboy Coffee in Ardmore… But Philly has other plans :). I’ll be back Sept 16th, this time rockin’ out at The Legendary Dobbs on South St!

Hope to see you there!


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